15 Fall-Themed YouTube Ideas List

It’s that time of year again. The morning air is a little crisp, pumpkin spice flavored everything has hit the shelves of your local grocery stores and everyone is already starting to get excited about Halloween…in September. In the world of content creation, it’s important to create and post holiday content months in advance. Pinterest even recommends starting to post holiday pins at the end of July! This is so your content has enough time to circulate and gain traction by the time the holidays actually do roll around. 

That’s why I decided to create this list of Fall-themed YouTube ideas. If you haven’t created any fall videos on your channel, I definitely recommend getting some out as soon as possible. Your followers will love the building excitement around the fall season, and you’re sure to attract new viewers who are looking for new recipes, tips, or fun things to try. 

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15 Fall-Themed YouTube Ideas

  1. Decorate your home/dorm/room for Fall 
  2. Bake/cook your favorite Fall recipes
  3. Taste test weird or interesting pumpkin spice flavored food 
  4. Do an at-home fall-themed photoshoot 
  5. List your top 5 favorite Halloween/scary movies 
  6. Create a fall-themed charcuterie board and walk your viewers through the process
  7. Make your own DIY fall/Halloween decorations for kids 
  8. DIY Halloween costumes (make it a competition with friends!)
  9. Show your favorite Fall makeup look
  10. Do a vlog of you going to a pumpkin patch or apple-picking 
  11. Take viewers through a day in your life doing Fall activities 
  12. Show off your new Fall outfits 
  13. Do a dollar store Fall decoration haul and show how you decorate your home 
  14. Show your cozy Fall morning routine 
  15. Make your own pumpkin spice latte at home


I hope you try some of these Fall-themed YouTube ideas for your channel! Also, check out my past list of 20 YouTube video ideas for lifestyle channels! If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to comment them below. 

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