20 Holiday YouTube Video Ideas

Did you know that December is the highest revenue month for YouTube creators? That’s because advertisers are really pushing their products (and budgets!) to advertise for the holiday season. Because of that, you should try to get out as many videos as possible during December. (Ever heard of Vlogmas?) If you want to post some new content but have no idea where to start, check out this list of 20 Holiday YouTube video ideas: 

  1. Holiday gift ideas 
  2. Decorating your home for the Holidays vlog
  3. DIY your own decorations on a budget 
  4. Holiday recipe ideas 
  5. Best Winter outfits 
  6. Holiday bake-off with friends or family 
  7. How to celebrate the holidays at home (Quarantine edition!)
  8. Holiday morning routine 
  9. Christmas shopping vlog 
  10. Photography tutorial in the snow 
  11. Holiday decor haul
  12. Favorite Christmas movie round-up
  13. Fun Holiday cocktail recipes 
  14. Show off cute Holiday pet costumes 
  15. Share Christmas/Holiday traditions in your family
  16. Recap the best moments of your year 
  17. New Year goals 
  18. Storytime: The worst (or best!) Christmas ever
  19. Holiday makeup tutorial 
  20. Winter skincare routine 

Hopefully, this list of Holiday YouTube video ideas gives you some inspiration for content to create during December. If you’ve never tried Vlogmas, this year might be a good year to start! Take advantage of the most popular time of year on YouTube to grow your channel and make more ad revenue. Good luck and happy holidays!

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