20 YouTube Video Ideas for Lifestyle Channels

Whether you’re just starting a YouTube channel or you’re a seasoned creator, we all run into this problem: We run out of video ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ones and we get stuck in the pattern of creating the same types of videos. Switch things up! That’s why I came up with this list of 20 YouTube video ideas for lifestyle channels. Hopefully, this list can get those creative juices flowing again! 

If you want even more inspiration, check out my YouTube channel here. I create lifestyle content with videos focused on productivity & motivation, language learning, self-portrait photography, and vlogs. 

20 YouTube Video Ideas for Lifestyle Channels

20 YouTube Video Ideas for Lifestyle Channels

  1. 50 facts about me
  2. One week or 30-day challenge and share your experience vlog-style 
  3. Tutorial showing how you create your videos from start to finish
  4. How you started your blog/youtube channel/Instagram etc. 
  5. A cooking challenge with a sibling or friend 
  6. Morning routine/night routine vlog
  7. Review your current favorite Netflix series 
  8. Storytime 
  9. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Sibling tag
  10. Cook your favorite healthy meals
  11. Your workout routine or trying a new routine for a week
  12. Vlog the top 5 places to see in your city
  13. List your top productivity tips 
  14. Vlog yourself trying/learning a new skill for a week 
  15. Vlog yourself learning a new language
  16. Unboxing/shopping haul 
  17. Reaction video (to shows, videos, fashion at events, etc.)
  18. What’s on my phone?
  19. Current faves product round-up
  20. How to grow your channel/Instagram/blog etc. 

There you have it, 20 YouTube video ideas for lifestyle channels! Hopefully, this inspired you to create more videos. Good luck and be sure to check out my other free resources on this blog to help you grow your channel! 

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