5 Awesome Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Are you starting a business and looking for some guidance or advice? I’ve found so much help when starting an online business by listening to podcasts for female entrepreneurs. These boss ladies know exactly what you need to get started with any online business. I really enjoyed listening to a mix of different topics including mindset work, course creation, email list building, blogging tips, and more. My top 5 favorite podcasts for female entrepreneurs cover all of these topics and more. They all typically post new episodes about once a week, so you will always have fresh new content to listen to. 

1. Thrive Blogger Podcast

Bree breaks down everything blogging-related in this podcast. This was one of the first resources I used when I first started my blog. I loved listening to it on my commutes to work because she interviews really insightful bloggers and gets straight to the point. I love when podcasters provide actionable tips and don’t just ramble on about random things. If you’re looking for resources to start a blog, create content, grow your audience, and expand your reach, this is the perfect podcast to add to your list. Click here to access it on Spotify. 

2. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

If you haven’t heard of the QUEEN Amy Porterfield, you’ve seriously been missing out. This woman is a boss and has successfully launched a bunch of courses and is making well over 7 figures with every launch. She knows what she’s doing. This podcast is perfect for you if you’re trying to figure out how to grow an email list, how to launch a course, how to market on social media, and how to uplevel your business. She has a ton of episodes, so you have some homework to do! Check out the podcast notes for amazing free resources and workbooks. She hosts a bunch of webinars that are also extremely helpful. Click here to access the podcast on Spotify. 

3. The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

A huge part of starting any business is having a strong and positive mindset. Kimberley Wenya, a manifestation and mindset coach is the PERFECT person to help you with that. She shares tips on how to manifest your biggest goals and develop a positive and motivated mindset. She also provides plenty of journaling prompts to raise your vibration, which I absolutely love. Her voice is so soothing, her tips are so helpful, and she has such a bubbly personality! Click here to access the podcast on Spotify. 

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4. Wealthy, Worthy, and Wild

Amy from Rebelle Nutrition runs this podcast and she knows her stuff! As someone who runs her own nutrition business, this is great for those looking to get into health, nutrition, or fitness. However, she also provides tips to anyone wanting to start an online business and I’ve learned so much from her. Her episodes include topics on online courses, social media, podcasting, e-mail marketing, and manifestation. Again, I love how she’s very to the point and doesn’t go off on random tangents. Click here to access the podcast on Spotify. 

5. Manifestation Babe by Kathrin Zenkina

This woman got me out of my dark time after graduating from college. I had no idea what I was doing with my life, couldn’t find a job, and my mindset was absolutely awful. I started listening to her inspiring podcasts and I loved them. She’s not cheesy, she’s real and kicks your ass into gear. She has done amazing things with her life and has shared her journey with her followers. She is the queen of manifestation and teaches you how to make your dreams a reality. Her tips and journaling prompts are super helpful and most of all, inspiring. I firmly believe in manifestation and the law of attraction after hearing her and applying her practices into my daily routine. If you’re ready to set goals and do the mindset work that it takes to achieve them, listen to this podcast!  Click here to access the podcast on Spotify. 

That concludes my list of best podcasts for female entrepreneurs. I love listening to podcasts while I drive, walk, or run. There are plenty of episodes that are around 20 minutes which would be perfect for your morning walk! In Los Angeles, my commute to work is 40 minutes, so that’s plenty of time to learn something new from a great podcast. Most of these podcasts also include show notes in the description, so take advantage of those free resources. 

As always, if you need any further help in your online business venture, check out my free resources list here or email me at sheajordan@adaywithshea.com! 

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