5 Creative Self-Portrait Ideas

Since most of us are stuck at home, it’s hard to come up with new content ideas for Instagram posts. Whether you’re a content creator, influencer, or just enjoy posting regularly to your Instagram, these creative self-portrait ideas will definitely step up your game!

You can take these photos with a DSLR or your iPhone. The newer iPhones nowadays seriously have awesome quality and I highly recommend trying portrait mode as well. You can use the self-timer on your phone or use a Bluetooth remote, like this one. The remotes are super cheap, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank! 

Below I’ve listed some of my past creative self-portrait ideas that I’ve tried through my YouTube tutorials. All of these can be done at home and only some require some extra props. I typically try to do my best using whatever I already have around the house. Get creative and have fun! 

Natural Window Light

One of the best ways to start off with self-portraits is by using natural light. The word “photography” literally means light writing! So learning how to properly use light is the most important part of mastering photography. 

Check out my past blog post that goes more in-depth about using natural window light and then check out my YouTube tutorial for a full behind the scenes look! 

At-Home Photoshoot for Beginners

Now that you have a better understanding of lighting, try to scout out some good locations for shoots. In this video, I found some fun spots around my house that I would have never considered for photos. I walk you through exactly how to set up your camera and self-timer and some posing tips to help you get started. This one is great for beginners!

Shooting Through a Pane of Glass

In this next tutorial, I took some glass out of a picture frame I had. I used different liquids on the glass to shoot through to create dreamy effects through the lens. You can spritz some water on the glass to mimic and rainy window or smear some vaseline over the glass for a vintage, dreamy look. I’ve even seen people put some stickers on the glass, which causes a cool blurred effect in the photos. 

I decided to go for a darker makeup look as well because I wanted these photos to be dramatic, but these definitely can be lightened up! This is particularly a good technique to try during golden hour. Check out my tutorial below! 

Lying Down, Overhead Photos

This technique is a bit tougher to master, but it sure was fun. All you really need is a cool rug or a white sheet to lie on and position your camera overhead. Just PLEASE make sure that your camera is solid and safe above you because you would not want the camera to fall and smash onto your face! There are tripods that have the range of motion to face straight downwards, or you can hang it over an overhead table. (See my video to understand what I mean.)

I also made sure to put a pillow underneath my head to elevate my face closer to the camera. Otherwise, the angle was really unflattering and my body looked HUGE in comparison to my face. Watch my video for some more tips about how to achieve this fun photo. 

Pastel Pink Photoshoot

Sometimes I find inspiration in certain colors or outfits and this time I decided to experiment with a fun pop of color. I originally was inspired by a neon green eyeliner look and then built the rest of the colorful aspects from there. I just ordered a pink tablecloth from Amazon (it was $8) but you can use colored posterboard or any sort of colored fabric. It would also be fun to use balloons, confetti, sparkles, or other fun props. Get fun with this one! 

I experimented with a few different outfit changes to get different looks out of this shoot. I ended up liking my second look better, but this shoot was really fun!


There you have it! This should be a good list of ideas to get started with. Just have fun with it! I love to play some fun music to help me feel like stiff in photos. It may seem awkward at first and you may have to practice your posing, but you will get better with time. If you need more help, be sure to check out my complete course for free on Skillshare by clicking here!

You can also check out my YouTube channel for more creative self-portrait ideas! Enjoy!