6 Steps to Make Your Own Spa Day At Home

This past month hasn’t been easy. I think we all deserve a spa day, but unfortunately, it has to be a spa day at home. While you might wish you could treat yourself to your favorite spa, you can definitely enjoy an awesome self-care day at home!

Every day I’ve tried my best to listen to my body and mind to determine what will make me feel the best that day. Some days I wake up and feel super productive, while others I definitely just want to lounge around and watch Disney movies. Staying patient and being mindful is super crucial through these times. You should never feel pressured to be productive just because others may be. You also don’t want to let your fears and anxieties get the best of you. In order to prevent that overwhelm, you need to check in with yourself and reset your mind, body, and spirit.

What’s the best way to do that?


Let’s not waste any more time. Here are some of my suggestions to have an entire spa day at home. Set aside one full day in your schedule to treat yourself for the WHOLE day and only do things that you enjoy. No excuses, I know you have the time!

Mimosas and Brunch

My idea of a perfect weekend starts with bottomless mimosas at brunch. Yes, that’s super basic, but I’m a firm believer that breakfast food is the BEST food. If you aren’t a drinker or hate mimosas, brew up your favorite coffee to enjoy nice and slowly in the morning.

Switching up your routine like this feels like a fun treat. Maybe you usually eat cereal, just grab a banana or skip breakfast altogether. Don’t do that! Go all out with pancakes, eggs, bacon, avocado toast, hash browns, or whatever else you enjoy. Make a feast out of it and set the table! Bring your favorite brunch place to your own home and have your family or roommates join you to make it even more fun. Of course, you can always treat yourself if that’s more your style.


spa day at home


Use a Gua Sha For a Facial Massage

After brunch, you’ll probably feel nice and relaxed. Keep that going with a facial massage. Even though you can’t get a professional to do it for you, these tools still feel amazing. I recently started using a gua sha and rose quartz roller in the mornings and it completely revitalizes your skin and face.

There are plenty of YouTube videos that walk you through basic techniques for facial massages using these tools. You can get started with those and do whatever feels good.

Pair it with a nice facial oil to let them easily slide over your skin. Here’s the oil I currently use. I actually really enjoy it, it doesn’t break me out, and it’s only $9.50!

One of my favorite tips is to leave your tools in the fridge so they’re always nice and chilled when you use them. They’re great to depuff your eyes when they’re nice and cold. Trust me it feels AMAZING. If you don’t have a gua sha and roller yet, you can check out this set. The most common stones are jade and rose quartz, but I personally love pink so the rose quartz is my favorite. These are a necessity for any spa day at home.



Journal and Meditate

Now it’s time to settle in, relax, and be mindful of the present relaxing moment. My favorite way to do this is to light my favorite candle and journal or meditate. I usually like to start by journaling out what I’m feeling, any anxieties or worries, and then transition into what I’m looking forward to or what I’m grateful for. It’s much easier to get through this tough time if you’re keeping a gratitude journal and reminding yourself of everything that you’re grateful for. If you don’t know what else to journal about, at least try that!

If you’ve never journaled before or don’t know where to start, check out my blog post about how I journal. You can also download my 7-day journaling challenge prompts by clicking here. 

Once I finish that, I like to do a meditation from my favorite podcast on Spotify or Apple. It’s called Mindful in Minutes and the host Kelly has podcasts around 5 to 20 minutes. I personally don’t enjoy meditating for very long, so these episodes are perfect for a quick mindful meditation. I love Kelly’s calming voice and background music. She has all sort of meditation topics including one for a work break, one for unlocking creativity, one for an energy boost, and plenty of others to help you sleep, find motivation, ease anxiety, and find stillness in the present moment. Choose one that sounds best for what you need at this time, close you eyes, and enjoy the present relaxing moment. 


spa day at home


Clean and Get Organized

I always feel so refreshed when everything in my house and/or room are nice and clean and organized. If I’m ever having a day where I feel really down, part of it is because my room looks cluttered and unorganized. Start by making your bed (if you haven’t already) and your room starts looking better instantly. Plus, once you do one simple task, I guarantee you’ll then be in full cleaning mode. 

What I enjoy doing is turning on a fun and light show like Parks & Rec, New Girl, 90 Day Fiance, or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and cleaning up. Make your bed, vacuum your room, wipe down your desk and organize your desk space, dust off your shelves and take out your trash. Clean out all that negative energy and you’ll be left feeling lighter and so much better. Haven’t done your laundry in a while? Get that done. It will feel good to accomplish a simple chore like this to help you feel fresh and new. 

This might not be something you consider doing in a “spa day” but today is all about making you feel better inside and out. Trust me, cleaning and organizing will definitely improve your mindset and help you feel better inside. 


Take a Bath

Once you’ve cleaned everything up, it’s time to enjoy a nice hot bath. If you don’t have a bath, you could just soak your feet in some hot saltwater and do a pedicure after. Or simply enjoy a hot shower with your favorite relaxing body scrub. I have a lavender scrub that I absolutely LOVE and it instantly makes me feel super relaxed when I rub it into my neck and shoulders in a hot shower.

When you’re ready to enjoy a nice bath, pull out your favorite Lush bath bomb that you haven’t used or any fun bubble bath. Bonus points if you have a fancy tub with jets! I also like to use a sheet mask to feel the full relaxing effect. (Here are some of my favorite masks on Amazon.) If you have Epsom salt, pour a cup in of that too! I recently got some Epsom salt mixed with lavender and it helps my muscles recover after a tough workout.

Soak for a while and read a book or magazine. This is also a nice break from staring at a computer or phone screen. If you have an oil diffuser, use it! I’m sure you have plenty of things around the house you can use to make this bath feel like you’re actually at a spa. Have a glass of champagne if you want to feel super luxurious. Who cares?! It’s YOUR spa day. Dim the lights, light some candles, and enjoy your spa day at home.

Perfect Spa Day Bath Time Checklist:



Enjoy Your Favorite Show or Movie

After a nice warm bath you’re probably super relaxed and sleepy. Cook up your favorite meal or treat yourself and order some Postmates. Put on some fuzzy socks (I need fuzzy socks at all times) and cuddle up with your favorite show or movie. Looking for some recommendations? Here are my favorites: 


  • Tiger King (intense, disturbing, hilarious, upsetting, basically every emotion but worth the watch)
  • Parks & Recreation (my favorite comedy show, and yes, I’ve watched The Office and prefer this)
  • Next in Fashion (similar to Project Runway, love the competitors and everyone is super talented)
  • You (It’s so addicting you can’t stop watching)
  • Sex Education (British show, very cheeky, sometimes cringe but honestly super cute)
  • The Good Place (fun, feel-good show)



  • Killing Eve (super gorey but so addicting, such a smart and captivating show, plus I love the shots of Europe)
  • Brooklyn 99 (gotta love this one, rewatching it because it’s cute and funny)
  • Bless This Mess (SO funny and so heartwarming, 11/10 recommend!)
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (turn it on for background noise, sometimes funny, but they fight all the time which gets old)
  • 90 Day Fiance (my most favorite reality show EVER, currently enjoying the “Before the 90 Days”)


Ready to Enjoy Your Spa Day at Home?

I hope these ideas gave you some ideas on how you can create the best spa day at home. If you work during the week, put aside one day of the weekend purely for relaxation. Don’t keep working, don’t answer emails. Have fun creating a little itinerary for the day and print it out. Surprise your roommates, family or partner with your fun spa day itinerary and enjoy a relaxing day together. We all need time to reset, even if we don’t leave our house. Put aside any sort of fears or anxieties and thoroughly enjoy your spa day at home.