7 Day Challenge: Self Discovery Daily Journal Prompts

I’ve been journaling since I was about 12 years old. Of course, my journals back then consisted of me sharing what I ate for lunch, what movie I saw that day, or whose house I was going to for a playdate that weekend. While I don’t journal every day, it’s always been a way for me to interpret my thoughts, ideas, emotions, and passions about what was currently happening in my life. If you don’t journal but want to start, I’ll provide some self-discovery journal prompts that will help you get started on your journey. 

“In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself.”

-Susan Sontag

Now that I understand just how powerful scripting can be in setting your intentions and achieving your goals, it’s become part of my routine. 

If you want to start journaling, it’s probably because you want to set some goals or intentions for yourself, right? Maybe you want to understand yourself better or work through some personal issues. Whatever your reason is, find it and hold onto it. 

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Finding Your Journal 

Before you get into the following self-discovery journal prompts, I want you to go out and by a journal that catches your eye. This is the best part! I currently use a journal with a marble print on the outside and it’s not a hardcover since that’s what I prefer. I recommend going to Marshalls, Homegoods, or TJMaxx to find some great options at a super low price. If you have a favorite stationery store or bookstore, try to find something there. Just choose whatever draws you in and makes you feel excited to write in it. 

Now that you have your journal picked out, take a look at the following self-discovery journal prompts. Try to keep up with the schedule so you can build a habit. I typically enjoy writing when I first wake up or right before I go to sleep. Find what works best for you and stick with it! 

Already journaling but looking for more of a guided practice? Check out this gratitude journal to incorporate into your routine!

Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

Challenge yourself to follow along with the following prompts each day. You can keep it short and sweet or expand as much as you’d like. There are usually a few questions included to provide direction, but feel free to only answer the main question. 

Click here to download the PDF version to print out and put up on your wall or desk.

Day 1: What are 5 things that you’re grateful for in your life? Why are they important to you and why do they make you feel abundant? 

Day 2: What’s something you feel is missing in your life? It can be a relationship, a certain amount of money, a car, anything you can think of. If it suddenly came into your life, how would you feel? Believe for a moment that you truly have this, and describe your emotions, thoughts, and senses in detail. 

Day 3: List 3-5 things that you know you’re really good at. Be proud and write down affirmations in the following format: I am grateful and proud that I excel at a…b…c….etc.

Day 4: Going off of yesterday, list 3-5 things that you consider as weaknesses or what you wish you could be better at. Write down those negative sentences. Now look at them and reverse them. For example: “I never get any cool opportunities at work.” Turn it into, “I’m always receiving cool opportunities at work and I’m so excited for what the future holds.” Now repeat the positive affirmations out loud. 

Day 5: Imagine a magic carpet just appeared at your door and told you to get on. It transports you to a year from now and you see your future self. When you meet him/her, what do they look like? How do they carry themselves? Describe the conversation you have getting to know your future ideal self and be detailed about how they carry themselves, the confidence they exude, and the overall feeling you get from them.

Day 6: Think of a recent accomplishment – big or small – and write it down. Map out the work you put in to achieve it and what it felt like to reach the end goal. Write about how proud you are of yourself and really savor the feelings of pride and gratitude. 

Day 7: Take a moment to look back and re-read your past entries. Keeping them in mind, I want you to write a detailed account of an ideal day in your life as your future ideal self. Write as if you are the type of person you want to be, you’ve achieved your monetary or career goals, you’re in your ideal relationship (or single, if that’s what you want!) and you live in your dream house/apartment/studio.

Don’t feel silly or think small, think big. There are no boundaries in this world that you’re writing about. Start with what you do when you wake up, what you see, what you eat for breakfast, what car you drive, where you’re going that day. Be detailed and feel the emotions that your ideal self feels. Take as long as you need to write this out and then finish by writing your positive affirmations from Days 3 and 4 at the bottom of your page. Say them out loud and hold onto your ideal life visualization for a bit longer before you end your journaling session. 

Prefer a printable of the prompts? I got you! Click here to download the PDF version to print out and put up on your wall or desk. Happy journaling!