A Beginner’s Manifestation Goals and Affirmations


Lately, I’ve been pretty down on myself.

I graduated from college early in December and I’ve been tirelessly job searching for months now. Despite multiple promising interviews, a trip to New York, and countless hours spent writing cover letters, I’m still exactly where I started. What have I been missing? Why do I feel stuck? 

I started to think, maybe these are signs. Maybe the paths I’m trying to go down are not right for me and the universe is very clearly showing me I’m not supposed to go there. But after too many doors slammed in my face, I need answers. 

Recently I’ve been enjoying listening to podcasts while I run. I listen to a variety of manifestation and law of attraction podcasts on Spotify. I’m not new to this concept at all, but I never really invested my time or energy into really focusing on manifestation. But the more I listen to these podcasts, the more motivated and inspired I get, which is exactly what I need at this moment. 

I started taking baby steps with manifestation by goal-setting. Each day when I wake up, I write a to-do list of what I hope to get done by the end of the day. I make sure not to over-extend myself, but there are still some days where I don’t check off every box. Every month I write out my goals for my blog and various social media pages in addition to personal goals like finishing two books by the end of the month. 

In fact, why don’t I just share my end of month goals so you can hold me accountable:

Social Goals – (Total # of followers I want for my blog/photography accounts)

  • By the 15th 
    • Instagram – 350
    • Twitter – 500
    • YouTube – 300
    • Pinterest – 1250
  • By the end of the month
    • Instagram – 400
    • Twitter – 650
    • YouTube – 315
    • Pinterest – 1400
    • Blog – Hit 2,000 total views for the month 

Social Goals

  • make $2,000 in passive income this month

That last one probably seemed like a joke, right? $2,000? Yeah, I would’ve thought it was impossible too if you told me a few months ago. But, with the intention of landing a full-time job, plus keeping up with my freelance writing and video editing work, it can be done. Anything can be done, really. 

To be honest, I added that financial goal in there a few days ago after listening to an episode of Mindset to Manifestation by Christina Medina. (If you want to listen, it’s amazing. Check it out here.) I was driving home from a coffee shop where I was, yes, furiously writing MORE cover letters knowing I would most likely not even hear back from the recruiters. 

But as I listened to her podcast, I realized that I needed to shift my mindset from this feeling of lack to a sense of abundance. She provided so many actionable ways for me to achieve my career and money goals, which prevented me from bawling my eyes out in the shower when I got home (this was definitely my initial plan). 

I’m not saying she told me to wish really hard every day and I’d magically get $2,000 at the end of the month. Manifestation still requires action and intention in addition to visualization and mindset shifts. But she made me realize what more I could be doing, and how I could be pairing my actions with a more attractive positive energy. She said to set a big goal and take the necessary steps to get there. There it is. $2000. 

Can I achieve it? Maybe. But with a goal like that, I’m sure gonna bust my booty to get as close as I can. Wouldn’t that still be worth it in the end? I think so. 

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for a few months now and that has helped me tremendously. I truly feel more equipped in dealing with rejection or unfortunate events because I know that I still have plenty of things (abundance) to be grateful for. 

My next step in my manifestation journey is to start with daily affirmations. I found some today on Pinterest, wrote them down in my notebook where I keep my monthly goals and am excited to weave them into my morning routine. It’s important to be clear in your intentions in these affirmations and personalize them. Since I intend to use my energy to manifest career, financial and wellness goals, I chose affirmations that would attract those things into my life. 

When I wake up in the morning, I get a cup of coffee, sit by my sunny window and read these aloud. I let myself visualize what I want while I read them and don’t just skim through them. 

Shea’s Daily Affirmations

  • My grateful heart is a magnet that attracts everything I desire.
  • Every day I vibrate a little bit higher. 
  • I am right where I should be and getting closer each day. 
  • I am so happy and grateful that I have goals to motivate me, dreams to inspire me and purpose to fuel me. 
  • I am unlimited in my wealth. All areas of my life are abundant and fulfilling. 
  • I appreciate all that I have and all that I am going to have. 
  • I am the co-creator of my life and I choose how to live it. 
  • I choose happiness, love, acceptance, and abundance. 

I really like the flow of this one as well. You can definitely just have a bunch of statements that aren’t related to one another, but I think the order of mine is beneficial to me. I start off with what I’m grateful for and how I hope to increase my positive vibrations. Then I ask for what I want and make sure to note that I will appreciate the abundance. Finally, regardless of what happens, I know I’m in charge of my own life. I choose what I want to feel within my time on this earth and that’s happiness, love, and acceptance. I highly recommend you take those last two bullet points and add them to your daily affirmations. Add whatever speaks to you after “I choose…” because everyone is different and is seeking their own things. 

I’ll make sure to update you all with a progress report! I appreciate you reading this as I’m excited to share my goals and journey with everyone. If you’re also a manifestation guru or want to share resources, make sure to comment below!