Affordable Gift Ideas Under $25

It’s the holiday season! While it should be an enjoyable time to spend precious moments with friends and family, it can be crazy and stressful. With all the events, parties, dinners, and gift-giving, this wonderful time of year can be more chaotic than relaxing. If you have a lot of friends and family to buy gifts for, you also don’t want to spend a ton of money getting quality gifts for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Check out my list of gifts under $25 for your girlfriends, sisters, mom or other significant women in your life!

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Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Collection

I’ve recently been on such a Bath and Body Works phase and I’m obsessed with their lotions and candles. While some of their scents are too fruity and sweet, their aromatherapy line is fantastic. I personally love their sleep lotion and put it on every night before bed. When they had their $5 aromatherapy sale, I also snagged their Peaceful lotion, which is a beautiful blend of tea tree and peppermint essential oils. They also have other scents, like Stress Relief, Balance, Love, Energy and more.

These scents are available in lotions, body scrubs, bath bubbles, body wash, and even pillow mists. They typically range from $13.50 – $16.50, but they have so many deals and coupons if you sign up for their mailing list.

Browse the full Aromatherapy collection by clicking here. 

affordable gift ideas

3-Wick Candles

Candles are a necessity, especially during the Fall and Winter seasons. I always have a candle lit at home and have accumulated quite a collection. While I do love the Bath & Body Works candles, I’m not always down to dish out $24 for a 3-wick candle.

That’s why I absolutely love going to HomeGoods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls to get my candles. They have a HUGE selection of candles that range anywhere from $5-$15. My personal favorite is the Sand + Fog line of 2-wick candles. I found a Winter Pine scent for $7 that I’ve had lit all season. It smells like the holiday season…if that actually had a real scent. But you know what I mean.

French Press

Getting a french press a few months ago has majorly upped my coffee game. As a coffee lover, I enjoy making my coffee at home instead of spending money at Starbucks every day. I was bored with my drip coffee machine and I felt like I could never get it to taste right.

I decided to buy this french press off Amazon and while it took me a few tries to fully understand how to use it, I’m obsessed. It’s such a fantastic gift for the coffee lover in your life. I fully believe the coffee tastes way better coming from a french press. Throw in a fun winter blend coffee roast and a cute mug to create an adorable gift. It’s a thoughtful yet very affordable gift idea!

Zaful Teddy Coat

My sister bought me this exact coat last year and I absolutely love it. This style is still trendy and it’s incredibly warm. The faux shearling look is super in, whether it’s a pullover, sweatshirt or coat. Zaful also has amazing prices and a ton of holiday sales and I’m pretty sure my sister said she snagged this for around $12 last year.

Check out this coat and other affordable gift ideas by clicking here.

affordable gift ideas
Succulent Set

Do you have any friends who are decorating a new apartment or even just need some succulents for their desk at work? I’m currently trying to add more greenery to my room, so if someone gave this adorable succulent set to me, I’d be so excited! It’s such a simple gift but succulents are a great idea for anyone.

Tiny Buddha Gratitude Journal

As a person who loves journaling, I’ve been hoping to get something that has guided prompts. There are so many gratitude journals out there, but I’ve heard great things about this one and think they would make a great gift. It’s perfect for a friend who is working on becoming more mindful in the new year. I love practical gifts like this one. Check it out by clicking here.

The holiday season can be stressful, but just don’t save your shopping until the last minute! Having a plan and a list of gift ideas will make it easier to tackle your holiday shopping. Plus, you don’t need to drop a ton of money on gifts. Focus on one or two items that are practical and thoughtful. Shop sales, use coupons, and refer back to this list of affordable gift ideas!


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