20 Coffee House Tunes for Smooth Listening

Happy finals season! You’ve spent hours studying, yet you feel like you haven’t learned a single thing. I know the feeling. But maybe the real issue is your lack of quality *study music*. It’s real, trust me. So, lucky for you I put together this mix of vibin’ tunes that will keep you intensely focused throughout your study time.

Personally, I’m most productive at a coffee shop. For some reason, I’m convinced that people in public places are judging me if they see me scrolling through Facebook or Instagram when I should be studying, so that keeps me focused on the tasks at hand. This playlist is inspired by all the bumpin’ songs that I’ve heard at coffee shops that keep me focused yet interested. There’s only so many classical piano songs you can hear before you want to throw yourself out a window. I hope you enjoy this smooth mix of lo-fi, acoustic, alt-jazz (is this a genre? I’m making it one) and experimental coffeehouse tunes. Get cozy, grab a cup o’ joe and get to it.

Happy studying (and listening)!