How to Set Goals and Achieve Them in 2020 (+ Free Workbook!)


As this year rushes to a close, (it’s crazy how fast it flew by!) I’ve reflected on the goals that I set at the beginning of the year and considered whether or not I achieved them successfully. Let’s just say, I did not meet many of the goals I initially set, but I still feel like it was a successful year in other ways. Goal setting is crucial in life and any business, but it actually takes quite a bit of trial and error. Despite what you may think, it’s not as simple as setting a goal and getting around to it eventually. Reaching goals requires action and it’s best when you have a plan for those actions. Luckily, I’m here to help you learn how to set goals and achieve them, so read on.

It’s About the Journey AND the Destination…

The other morning I was on a run and listening to Rob Dial’s “Mindset Mentor” podcast, and he was talking about setting and achieving goals. He said something very interesting yet quite simple.

He explained how setting goals is like putting a destination into Google Maps before you start your journey. Once you have your start and endpoint, you know where you’re headed and you just have to follow the steps to get there. 

Goal setting in life is the same. As I mentioned, you can’t just write down a bunch of goals and hope that you will kind of SORT of MAYBE achieve them by the end of the year. You need a plan, you need to make milestones and you absolutely need to set a deadline. By taking these extra steps, you’re guaranteed to set yourself up for success. 

Use a Planner to Set Your Goals

That’s why I created this 7-page workbook to help you start thinking ahead and planning your personal and business goals for 2020. It’s better to start planning now so you have enough time to think about the year ahead and set realistic and achievable milestones each month. I’ve found that as long as you have a rough idea of what you hope to achieve every month or every few months, you will be on a much better track towards actually meeting your goals. 


how to set goals and achieve them


Wanna know the best part? This workbook is FREE! I created this guide so others who are trying to grow their personal business, blog, YouTube, or other digital content could set themselves up for success in the new year without having to pay for an expensive planner. The first few pages include some prompts to get you thinking about what you hope to achieve and then ask you to map out exactly what you need to accomplish those goals. 

So, if you’re ready to get organized and take the first step towards a successful new year, download the planner for free by clicking here.


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how to set goals and achieve them

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You know what to do, start getting your plan for 2020 in place now! It’s better that you don’t feel rushed when January rolls around, so start brainstorming some goals and milestones today. Now that you know how to set goals and achieve them, go make 2020 your best year yet!