How to Setup Bluehost and Start a Blog in 2019

How to Setup Bluehost and Start a Blog in 2019

Throughout my life, I’ve started so many blogs. When I was young, I went through fleeting seasons of inspiration where I’d make a blog about a certain topic, write for a few months, and then forget it ever existed.

Now that I just graduated from college and feel like I have both a lot to share and a lot more to learn, I’ve enjoyed finding my voice and creativity with this blog. I’ve loved every second of it and spent countless hours researching what it takes to craft a successful blog. When I first came up with the idea for A Day With Shea, I had the intention of monetizing it and hopefully profiting from it. That’s why I knew there were certain steps I needed to take to step it up from any old WordPress or Blogger website. One of those crucial steps was investing some money into this and getting self-hosted with Bluehost.

Disclaimer: The following links are affiliate links. This means that I may make a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) should you choose to purchase a service through these links. If you do, I appreciate your support to keep this fun blog up and running.

I read so much about Bluehost during my research. I scoured through plenty of blogs that wrote about what hosting service to use and I was immediately drawn to Bluehost. Everyone made it seem super easy to connect to a WordPress website (which I already knew I wanted to use WordPress anyway) and I heard fantastic reviews about their customer service.


Why Bluehost?

Over 2 million bloggers use it and all the best bloggers recommend it. All the positive reviews were one of the main reasons I ultimately decided to purchase through Bluehost.

Plus, if you want to be taken seriously in the blogging world, you should move on from a free platform. Having a website that ends in or will make it less likely that companies will want to sponsor posts, advertise, or hire you for freelancing work. It’s much more professional to have your own self-hosted website. If you want to make money off of your blog, you really have to take that leap and pay for self-hosting.

It comes with a free domain name and email. When you plan out your blog name, make sure to check if the domain name was available. I finally settled on and lucky for me, it was available! Plus you can set up an email with this domain, which I use for various blogging purposes.

Bluehost offers 24/7 support. While I’ve personally never run into any issues, I’ve heard that the customer support team is great and always available.

If you use Bluehost for 30 days and if you aren’t happy, you can get a full refund! They have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Convinced already? Sign up here. Ok actually though, you should keep reading for more information about how to get set up first.



Signing Up

Choose Your Plan

For me, I was excited to start blogging but wasn’t in a plan to spend hundreds of dollars. You have the option for Basic, Plus, or Choice Plus plan. I chose the Basic plan just to make sure I enjoyed blogging before I really buckled down and committed. Don’t worry though, if you change your mind you can always go back and choose another option.


Choose Your Domain Name

From there you’ll get to the next page, where you can enter your domain name that you already own or one you want. If you don’t know yet, wait a few seconds and an option will appear at the bottom of the screen to skip this step. Bluehost gives you the option to add a domain later on if you aren’t quite ready yet.



After that, fill in your account information. Then choose how many months of hosting you want from the drop-down menu. It’s technically a better deal if you purchase the 36-month plan but I wasn’t ready to drop over $100. As I mentioned before, I only went for 12 months because I’m terrified of commitment. Ha. Turns out I LOVE blogging and plan on doing it for many years to come. I probably should have spent that extra cash for those extra perks in the Plus plan.





Add-Ons? Skip ’em. 

Finally, you have some options like site security, codeguard Basic, SEO tools, and Office 365 email essentials. I skipped all of them because they aren’t necessary to get your blog up and running, and again, this girl is on a major budget. Don’t worry, your blog won’t be hacked if you don’t sign up for this extra security.

Enter your credit card information and hit submit! It’s ok if you hesitate, I did too. But once I pressed that button I was super excited because I knew my blogging journey had finally begun!

You did it!

I ended up getting the cheapest possible deal with the fewest options. It came out to about $60 (due to the blogger’s deal who referred me) and my heart jumped a bit when I pressed submit because I hate spending money. But, I was investing in myself and it got me motivated to work super hard on my blog to eventually make that money back.

Convinced? I was. You should be too! If you’re excited to start a blog that can make money, invest in yourself and your ideas. Take that first major step! Sign up for Bluehost here.



Easy WordPress Set Up

Now that you’re all set up, you can log in to the control panel (cpanel). Once you do, you’ll be greeted with a message that asks if you want Bluehost to install WordPress for you.

Don’t! Stop! You don’t need to spend that money!

It’s FREE if you do it yourself and I promise it’s not that hard. Like seriously, anyone can do it.

Connect to WordPress for FREE

Find the blue “Install WordPress” button on the cpanel page.
The next page will ask you to create an admin username and password. Make sure you write this down and keep it for when you need it.
Finally, click Install and bam! Instant blog. You’re ready.
Then you’ll get the website address to log into your new website. Start building your blog through WordPress! Explore some themes and start crafting your own online space.


$$$ Final Bonus if you use Bluehost…

If you do sign up with Bluehost, you can become an affiliate like me. Register to become an affiliate and start making $65 in commission on each sale. That means you can tell your aspiring blogger friends or family members to get self-hosted with Bluehost using your affiliate link and you can get $65! It’s seriously an awesome deal and Bluehost will even bump up your commission rate if you get a lot of people to sign up. A lot of bloggers make over $100 per sign up! It’s a great way to start making money on your blog by recommending your own hosting service, BlueHost.

Are you ready to get serious with your blog and start making money?

What are you waiting for?

Start your self-hosted blog with Bluehost by clicking here or clicking the image below. Good luck and enjoy blogging!


setup bluehost


Let me know if you enjoyed this post and want more about how I set up my blog. I can continue this post with more details about getting set up on WordPress. I’ve learned a lot about setting up and running a blog and would be happy to share my experience.


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  • I loved this post girl!!! Super informative and you def convinced me! As soon as I get a job I’ll 100% do this! So happy to see your passion for blogging, and I feel you on that #brokelife lol. I just graduated uni too (well finished the semester, graduating next month), and even though everything’s uncertain, I know that the magical love for blogging won’t change any time soon. Love love love this post??

    • I really appreciate you reading through all this! Blogging has been super fun for me, and since I’ve kept up with it regularly, I definitely know that I’m genuinely passionate about it. Yay for being a broke grad haha! I totally understand though, I’m on the job hunt right now and have to be super tight with my budget. Good luck on all your post-grad endeavors and thanks again for reading!

  • Very useful information for all bloggers who have gone on the road!Well done!
    Continue to write such informative, helpful and good articles!
    Good luck!

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