How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel in 2019


As some of you may know, I also have a YouTube channel in addition to my vlog. I started it about a year ago to capture my memories during my study abroad semester. I had so much fun making vlogs and posting them on YouTube each week during my time in Italy. During the summer I stopped posting but recently picked it back up again because it’s a really exciting hobby. 

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With a year of YouTube under my belt, I’ve learned a lot about my Sony a5100 camera, how to edit in Adobe Premiere, and how to create engaging content. I’m just beginning to explore ways to grow my channel and I’ve set some goals for where I want to go during 2019. If you’ve always wanted to start vlogging, you’ve come to the right place!

In my video, I go over details about cameras and equipment that you’ll need, how to practice and plan, how to actually shoot, and what options there are for editing. I go into as much detail as possible and provide some great tips for those who are just starting out. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to start a YouTube channel, but never have, why not start in the new year? Take some time to make a plan and set goals for your channel. Learn how you can best use your resources to create quality videos that people will want to watch. Most importantly, just have fun with it! 

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Take a look at my video called “How to Start Vlogging on YouTube in 2019” and share with friends who want to start too!

Topics Covered in this Video: 

  • Camera/Tripod Options
  • Setting Up Your Camera + Tips for Shooting
  • Explaining Aperture + Frame Rates – What works best for vlogging?
  • Shooting Intros + Outros
  • Ways to Practice
  • Editing Options

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