If you have time for some side-hustles in addition to a full-time job, you should explore your options to make extra money every month.  Everyone has some talent that they could put to good use and with the digital market growing each day, there’s something out there for everyone. It may not happen overnight, but by picking up little projects here and there and getting your name out there, you can start to build a sizable side income. Here are a few ways I’ve been able to average anywhere from 600 to 800 dollars in extra income per month. 

Freelance Writing

I’ve been writing since freshman year of college, so I was able to build a great portfolio of my work. If you’re still in college, I highly recommend getting involved with the newspaper or reporting team on campus. The articles that I published through my school’s digital media group helped me land my internships and get freelance writing jobs later on. The earlier you can get your work published, the better! 

If you don’t have any published work yet, there are plenty of blogs that are open to guest posting. There are some big websites, like Bustle or Popsugar that welcome new ideas as well. Just search “Write for us” and you will see hundreds of search results for major websites that look for contributing writers. You just need a few published works to get started! 

Another option you can try is ClearVoice. I love ClearVoice since all you have to do is create an online portfolio and they find jobs for you. I’ve written for Forever 21, Buxom Cosmetics, Fiverr, and other clients since I started ClearVoice this year. You can set your rate and choose what topics you’re interested in. They’re a relatively new company, but they’re really great for writers of all experience levels. 

Now that I’ve been freelance writing, I’ve established relationships with one or two clients, which is really important. You want to make sure that you create a good rapport with the company that you’re writing for so that way they keep coming back for more. For example, I have one client who regularly asks for 2 articles per month. That’s at least $500-600 for me right there! 

I find time in the mornings before work or on the weekends to complete these articles. Just make sure that you don’t take on more than you can handle. It’s really exciting to start getting work, but be realistic about what you can accomplish with your work schedule. I personally find that I’m too tired to write after work, so I prefer waking up bright and early to write with a nice cup of coffee. 


earn extra money every month

Blogging Host Affiliate Links

As my blog continues to grow, it’s exciting to see that I can make some income here and there. This type of passive income is great because all I have to do is make one or two posts and some readers will click my links to purchase whatever I’m promoting. I’ll usually just wake up to an email telling me that another person used my link, which is the coolest feeling. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who can make money in their sleep! 

For me, my most successful post has been the one on How to Start a Blog in 2019. I earn a commission from anyone who signs up to create their own blog using my link. The commission rates range, but now I can make $75 per sign up. I currently have $150 waiting to be paid out later this month! 

If you have a blog, check with your hosting platform to see if they offer an affiliate program. Most do and you might not even be aware of it. It’s best to create a post on how you started your blog and include a review of your hosting platform. That way if people are inspired by your post, they’ll probably sign up to make their own account right then and there. 



Teaching on Skillshare

Skillshare, if you haven’t heard of it, is an online resource where you can find video courses on all sorts of topics. It’s great for those wanting to learn photography, cinematography, painting, sketching, the Adobe Creative Suite, animation, and other skills. They even have classes on cooking and how to start your own business. It’s truly a fantastic resource for anything you want to learn how to do. Check it out here

I decided to create a self-portrait photography course over the summer. It took me about 2 weeks with a few hours here and there to write a script, shoot, edit, and produce my course. Skillshare makes it really simple to create a course and the team is really helpful for any questions you have. If you are interested in teaching on Skillshare, email me here so I can connect you with the team. 

While I’ve only been teaching on Skillshare for 3 months now, my monthly payment has been steadily increasing. I was quite discouraged when I only made $40 the first month, but the next month I made $50. I haven’t received my payment yet, but my stats tripled from last month, so I’m excited to see what my paycheck looks like for this month! 

If you want more detail about how to create your first Skillshare class, check out my blog post about teaching and making money on Skillshare here! Plus, if you want to teach on Skillshare, email me your name and best email so I can refer you as a teacher and have the Skillshare team reach out to provide you with one-on-one help! 



I finally monetized my YouTube channel in October 2019. Ever since then, I’ve earned anywhere from $250 to $450 a month from Google Ads revenue. If you’re interested in learning how I exploded my channel growth, check out my new online course! I walk you through all my methods to create high-quality content and market it to a huge audience. Click here for more info. 


There are plenty of other ways to make extra money every month, but these are just a few of my suggestions that may inspire you. I recommend starting with one of these options and working on building that up first. Choose the option that best matches your skillset. If you’re great at photography, social media, artwork, or something creative, there’s definitely a course you can teach on Skillshare. Just remember to only take on what you can handle and try to find ways to make passive income as well! 

Now get out there and start hustling!