The Best Cheat Sheet for Planning a Productive Week

I don’t know about you, but I love to go into the week with a plan. I always feel way more productive and motivated to work through my tasks if I know exactly what I have to do each day. Plus, crossing something off your to-do list is one of the most satisfying feelings. Let me guide you through the best methods for planning a productive week by walking you through my personal planner! I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I got my wonderful planner, which you can find on Amazon by clicking here. (This link and others in this post are an affiliate link, meaning I may receive a small commission should you choose to purchase through them, but at no extra cost to you! It just helps support this blog, so thank you!)

“Never begin the day until it is finished on paper.” – Jim Rohn


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Write Out Deadlines, Tasks, and Appointments 

First and foremost I like to map out the backbone of my week. These include all sorts of appointments or meetings that are already set in stone. So for me, I write out when I have my Italian tutoring, when my YouTube video needs to go up, and when my blog posts and newsletters need to be sent out. These dates remain the same pretty much every week, so that’s what I fill in first. 

I like to write these out on the weekly view of my planner and highlight them. That way when I’m trying to plan out other tasks, I can get a good idea of what I need to work around. For example, if I have a day where a lot is due, PLUS I have Italian tutoring, I won’t try to do too much that day or the day before. 

After I have those written down, I like to go through and map out content creation tasks for the week. Right now, I’m writing a new ebook, so I’m scheduling out some time blocks every other day for writing. I try to write one new section per session, so I’ll write those down as tasks to complete on Tuesday and Thursday for example. I like being specific instead of just writing a note that says “work on ebook”. If I don’t specify certain tasks I end up just saying “Oh, I’ll write it later and then I never do.” So be specific about what you want to accomplish when planning a productive week. 

planning a productive week

Write Affirmations 

There’s a notes section in my planner that I always fill with 3-5 affirmations for the week. If you aren’t familiar with what affirmations are, they’re just simple, positive statements or goals said as if they have already been completed. 

I love waking up every morning and stating some positive affirmations before I start my work for the day. It truly does help me get into a positive mindset and allows me to approach my tasks more productively. Don’t skip this, it truly is helpful when planning a productive week!

On Sunday nights, I write down 3 to 5 statements that I feel like I need to focus on for the upcoming week. For example, if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll write statements like “I always complete my tasks on time and with ease.” 

Here are some other affirmations you could try: 

For Anxiety

  • I am safe and secure in my surroundings.
  • I will not stress over things I cannot control. 
  • I have everything I need within me. 
  • I am thoroughly capable of working through tough times. 

For Work-Related Stress

  • I am peaceful and centered.
  • I release negative and detrimental thoughts that do not serve me.  
  • I am capable of meeting deadlines on time every day. 
  • There is plenty of time for me to complete every task I need to do. 

For Self-Love

  • My body is strong and allows me to live the beautiful life that I am enjoying. 
  • I matter. Today I will learn and grow. 
  • I am deserving of success and happiness. 
  • I am doing my best every single day. 

Those are just some examples of affirmations you can write for the week. Say them aloud in the morning and maybe repeat them a few times throughout the day as needed. Want to learn more about affirmations? Read my past blog post here. 


Write a List of Priorities 

In my planner, I also have a section specifically for priorities. I write down 1 to 3 things that absolutely have to get done no matter what. Keep this list very small, not everything is a priority. Choose up to 3 things that need to get done at some point this week. That way you can prioritize what needs to get done first if something random pops up during the week that messes up your initial plan. It’s always good to have an idea of what can’t wait and what can be moved to next week if need be. 

planning a productive week

Keep a Habit Tracker 

In addition to work-related goals, you should also set personal goals for the week! While many of us are focused on meeting deadlines and finishing the tasks at hand, we still need to enjoy creating habits that enrich our personal lives. I love that my planner has a little habit tracker section. It’s just a small little chart that can be added to any planner.

For example, the habits that I like to track are yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, and exercising. Then throughout the week, you can put a little checkmark on the days where you completed those activities. It also is a good reminder to keep up with those healthy habits throughout the week

Try writing a few of your normal habits plus add in one or two that you want to make a habit. For example, if you never meditate but you want to try, add that to your list and aim to do it once every other day. These habits can be anything, just make sure they’re positive and healthy! 


Now you’re ready to attack the week with a solid plan! Dreams are just dreams until you make a plan of action. Remember that when you cross off all these little tasks that get you one step closer to your goal. 

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