Top 5 At Home Workouts on YouTube

With most gyms closed, it’s hard to get a good workout in. I LOVE going to workout classes (check out my review of Classpass) because they motivate me to push myself and keep up with the rest of the group. So of course I was devastated when Classpass was put on hold and the studios near me were shut down. But there are plenty of ways to stay fit doing at home workouts. 

I’ve never been one to enjoy workouts from YouTube, but recently I’ve found 5 instructors who I really enjoy. Their styles are different, so I can choose according to what type of workout I’m feeling that day. There are options for low intensity strength-training, HIIT, yoga, and pilates. I’d say it’s best to pick up some equipment if you don’t already have any, such as 5 to 10 pound dumbbells, maybe a kettlebell, resistance bands, and a yoga mat


Chloe Ting

If you’re looking for an intense, sweaty workout, then Chloe Ting is your girl. I first discovered her when her 2 week ab challenge videos kept popping up on my home page. At the time, I wasn’t really into at-home workouts, so I didn’t try them. Once I started working from home, a video popped up that was titled “Do This Every Day to Lose Weight.” I figured it must be pretty intense, so I chose it as my first at home workout. 

Let me tell you guys, in 15 minutes I was SWEATING. HARD. Chloe Ting’s workouts get you moving around with little to no break in between exercises. They’re fast paced, high energy, so you really get a full body blast in 15 to 20 minutes. Whenever I want to go hard and get the most out of a short workout, I choose Chloe Ting. 

I also like how Chloe uses a voiceover in her videos to be encouraging throughout the exercises. Since they are so intense, there’s a timer in the corner of the screen and you typically only do exercises for 30 seconds. However, some videos throw one minute intervals in there. 

Recommended Workouts:

15 Minute Leg & Booty Workout (With or Without Equipment)

2 Week Shred Challenge Full Body Workout

25 Minute Abs and Butt Workout

Level: Medium – Hard 


Pamela RF

This fitness instructor is super hard core. Her body is unbelievable, because she’s so slim yet so toned. So she obviously must be something right! She has a TON of workouts, so don’t worry about getting bored or not having new options to choose from. She’s perfect for any muscle group, really great for booty work, and full body toning. 

She has a few playlists, including Intense Workouts, Home Workouts, Beginner Friendly, and Song Workouts. Her workouts don’t use any equipment, but trust me, you still get a serious burn. Most exercises are anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute long, and she shows a preview of the move coming next in the last 10 seconds of your workout. That’s nice so you aren’t scrambling to get into position and falling behind. 

While she plays music throughout her video, she doesn’t have any voiceover at all. For me personally, I like the encouragement because it’s as if I was in a class with an instructor. However, if you prefer your peace and quiet, Pamela is probably perfect for you! 

Recommended Workouts:

20 Minute Full Body Workout (Intense)

20 Minute Full Body Workout (Beginner)

20 Minute Booty Workout

Level: Easy – Hard



My sister introduced me to this channel, and I enjoy it for days where I want to specifically target one muscle group. Maddie has a lot more videos that aren’t super high intensity, so you aren’t jumping around getting very sweaty. She does have a few HIIT workouts though, and I haven’t tried them yet. 

She has over 200+ videos of all sorts of workouts that include equipment and no equipment. This is where your dumbbells and resistance bands will come in handy! She also has workouts to various pop songs, and those are fun to pair with another one of her videos for a solid 30-45 minute workout. I typically like to do one of her strength workouts targeting a specific muscle group and then pair it with a HIIT workout or more full body cardio. 

Recommended Workouts:

Full Body Fat Burn HIIT

15 Minute Upper Body Workout

15 Minute Booty Build and Tone

Level: Easy – Medium



 Since she’s been posting for over 10 years now, you probably have heard of Blogilates. She has fantastic workouts, plus videos on health and nutrition. Her video editing is great, she’s super personable, and her warm and positive energy rubs off onto you. 

If you’re looking for any sort of workout, whether it’s low resistance toning, high intensity cardio, pilates, or slow stretching, she has it all. Her videos also include a timer in the upper right corner and she prompts you the whole time. She’s very encouraging and keeps talking to help the time pass. Before you realize it, you’ve completed a 20 minute workout! 

She also has a series of 30 day challenges on her channel. This is perfect because you can follow along with a video each day to reach your fitness goals. Commit to a 30 day challenge, like her ab or glute challenge, and you’ll always know what workout is coming each day! If you’re like me and enjoy having everything planned out, this is the perfect option for you to stay on track!

Recommended Workouts:

10 Minute Inner Thigh Slimmer

10 Minute Ab and Oblique Workout 

Build a Booty Workout | Pop Pilates for Beginners 

Level: Easy – Hard 


Yoga With Adriene

With over 6 million subscribers, I think it’s safe to say that Adriene is a fantastic yoga instructor. She has such a calming voice and has a wide variety of classes for all levels. 

I’ve been enjoying doing yoga in the mornings when I first get up, or midway through my work day. She provides all sorts of exercises, whether I just want a quick morning flow or a deep stretch. Adriene has 30-day “dedicate”, “revolution”, and “true” challenges where all the yoga practices are 25 minutes or less. I’m planning on trying one of those challenges to increase my flexibility and also reap the mental, emotional, and energetic benefits of healing yoga practices. 

She has countless classes, like seriously, her list of videos go on forever, so you won’t run out of content! I think it’s great to incorporate yoga a few days a week, or even do a restorative yoga class on days you have a hard workout. 

Recommended Videos:

Office Break Yoga 

Meditation for Self Love

Yoga for Concentration and Mental Focus

Level: Easy – Medium


Those are my favorite online instructors for at home workouts! Below I’ve included an example of my weekly workout calendar as a reference. You can create your own on Canva, which you can find by clicking here. 

I always like to switch up my workouts so I don’t get bored. Just make sure that since you’re sitting and working at home all day that you get out and get some fresh air too. If you really don’t feel like working out one day, at least turn on a podcast and go for a nice walk. You’ll feel a lot better, trust me! 

If you need more tips about how to stay productive when working from home, check out my most recent post about it! 

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