Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Valentine’s Day. Stressful for some, exciting for others. At just a few weeks away, it’s never too early to start planning! But even if you’re single, you don’t have to worry about feeling left out. Who said you needed someone else to pamper you on V-Day? Here’s a list of a few ways you can make sure to have your best Valentine’s Day even if you’re single. 

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Good Morning!

Whip up a Fun Breakfast

So maybe you don’t have someone to come bring you breakfast in bed, that’s fine! Go try making something new or fun like a sweet concoction of banana chocolate chip pancakes, or a giant plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. Treat yourself to get your day started off in a positive and happy mood. 

Blast some Tunes

If you haven’t heard by Boss Babe playlist yet, go check it out here. It’s a great mix of powerful jams by female singers to get you in a confident mindset. Perfect for dancing around your bathroom as you’re getting ready for the day. 




Early Afternoon

Go Shopping

If you’d prefer not going out in public to avoid seeing all the cute lovey couples, there’s really no problem in staying home all day. Plus, there are so many online shopping deals for Valentine’s Day that you should definitely check them out. ZAFUL is having a huge sale where a ton of their clothes are only $9.99! I personally have ordered from ZAFUL and was shocked at how fast the shipping was, plus the quality really isn’t that bad for the price of their clothing. Check out their website here or click the banner below to start shopping! 


Zaful 2019 Valentine's Day Sale - Down to $9.99 - Jan 29-Feb 14


Get a Workout In

Go for a nice hike or walk, or head to the gym (it’s sure to be pretty empty). Plus, the only people at the gym on Valentine’s Day are probably going to be more singles so…maybe this is your chance to meet someone new? But besides that, getting your blood flowing and the endorphins pumping will make you feel positive, energized, and motivated to keep having a great day!



Dinner Time

If you enjoy cooking, try a new recipe! (Check out my $30 Trader Joe’s grocery list if you’re on a tight budget, but still want to eat healthily). If you’re not a chef, put on a good movie and Postmates your favorite restaurant. You deserve it after that workout. 


Spa Bath

End the night with a relaxing bath. Make sure you grab some supplies to really elevate the experience, like this $25 bath set from Amazon. It includes everything you’d need like a body scrub, bath bombs, bubble bath, and a soothing body lotion for afterward. Plus it comes with this adorable shelf which is perfect to store all your spa supplies later on. So turn down those lights, light some candles and an essential oil diffuser, and enjoy your alone time in the bathtub. 

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