Nice to see you here checking out my blog! I created “A Day With Shea” to make a space for young creatives to come together and find positive and inspiring resources. Whether you’re starting a YouTube channel, a photography business, a blog, or want to grow your Instagram, I’m sharing my experiences to better help you. I’m looking forward to growing together!



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I’m Shea, an Arizona girl who took off to Los Angeles for college. I enjoy film & photography, listening to good music, traveling whenever I can, and trying new things, like this blog! I’m on a mission to spread a little love and positivity as we all try and figure out how to “adult” in the real world. Follow my journey, share yours, and let me know what you want me to blog about!

As exciting as that snippet above seems, I do not have everything figured out and under control. Partly why I started this blog was to find out more about myself while sharing my experiences and resources with you all. Thank you for joining me and I promise to provide some fun and engaging content for you all.

Psst! If you’d like to get to know me better, check out my YouTube channel! I post videos every week about photography tips and give you behind-the-scenes looks at my photoshoots. 

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I hope you’re enjoying this fun and positive space. Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or just wanna chat.